"Excellent customer experiences; because there are no other options!"

Duana Huggins, Owner/Licensed Insurance Agent

Meet the Owner

Hey! This is Insurance LLC  is an insurance agency that specialize in Commercial Insurance and more. 

Licensed in 48 different states: General Liability, Cargo, Auto Liability, Worker's Compensation. Even if you have been turned away before, I have a YES for you!

Planning your special day? Event Insurance for weddings, parties, even can help you with your promotion event! 

Not sure where to start? 

We now offer help to start your business. We will get EIN, business license, DOT# and MC# done. 

SIGN UP TODAY: Live sessions with experts in Commercial Trucking Insurance, Taxes, Life Insurance and Health Insurance! Click on the "Client Portal Tab". 

 Let's create a long lasting relationship TODAY!!!

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